All new patients will need to fill out paperwork. No need to print off forms or bring them in! Fill out all your paperwork online:

Additional Forms

What to Expect

Consultation – Your first visit will begin with an initial consultation to determine the cause of your symptoms, the severity, and how long you’ve been experiencing the pain.

Exam – Following the consultation, we will perform a physical exam to measure your range of motion and flexibility. We will assess your bio-mechanical function with particular attention to the movements that are causing your discomfort.

Treatment – Doctors will discuss discuss your goals and treatment options with you. We always work closely with our patients to make sure that they are comfortable with the course of treatment.

We keep our private office warm and comfortable for your visit. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing so that you can move freely for the assessment and treatment. It can be helpful for you to wear or bring gym shorts if we are treating your knees, legs, or ankles.

Don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions! You can reach us at (913) 345-4840 or

Accepted Insurance Plans & Payments

Get the care you deserve. ​We don’t pull any punches in our office. We believe in providing the best care possible for our patients. We will work with all major insurance plans to get you efficient effective care. We also offer cash rates for patients without insurance or those that do not want to use their coverage in our office.

Appointment & Cancellation Policy

Cancellations require a 24-hour notice. We reserve the right to charge a $25.00 cancellation fee for any service not canceled 24 hours prior to your service time. Last minute cancellations are very hard to fill and many times impossible to fill on short notice. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.