Neck Pain Relief

Much like back pain, neck pain can negatively affect your life, causing you to skip activities you enjoy, including sports and driving. Neck pain has a variety of causes, such as previous accidents, computer work, or poor posture. Chiropractic treament can eliminate neck pain and restore your range of motion. Many patients do not even realize how limited their range of motion has become until after a chiropractic treatment leaves them free to glance over their shoulder without pain.

Signs & Symptoms of Neck Problems

Numbness, difficulty turning your head or looking over your shoulder, generalized pain or stiffness, and grinding or clicking noises when you turn your head or open your jaw are all signs that you should have your neck examined and treated. Contact us to assess and treat your neck pain at our Leawood chiropractic office. We will look for the underlying cause of your symptoms to eliminate the pain at its source.

Neck Pain Relief  through Chiropractic Treatment

Our Leawood chiropractors specialize in neck pain relief. We perform spinal manipulation to restore a normal range of motion to your joints. We also assess your posture and motion to suggest simple changes to prevent future pain and injury.

Contact us to treat your neck pain

Astra Performance Health is currently accepting new patients at our Leawood chiropractic office. We have relieved pain and improved athletic performance for patients across the Kansas City metro area. To learn more and schedule your first appointment, contact us online or call us at (913) 345-4840.