Low Back and Sciatica Pain Relief

Low back pain can be seriously detrimental to your quality of life.  Chiropractors at Astra Performance Health specialize in the treatment of back pain and its related symptoms to improve your quality of life. Unfortunately, many patients are referred for medication or back surgery to relieve their pain rather than pursuing chiropractic care to treat both acute and chronic back pain. Unnecessary surgery can be expensive and ineffective, causing additional symptoms and long recovery times. We consider surgery to be a last resort for the treatment of most pain, and hope you will give us the opportunity to assess and treat your condition prior to an invasive procedure.

Low Back Pain Causes & Symptoms

Back pain has a variety of causes, the most common being our modern lifestyles, which include long periods of sitting at a computer or driving a car. Accidents, including sports injuries or car accidents, along with other muscle strains, are also common cause of back pain. You might experience muscle tightness or spasms, acute pain, a restricted range of motion, sciatica (irritated nerves causing pain down the back of each leg), or problems down into your knees.


Sciatica is commonly caused by some type of compression of a spinal nerve in the lower back. Sciatica symptoms occur when the large sciatic nerve is irritated or compressed in the lumbar spine. It is characterized by pain that occurs in one or both legs or buttocks; pain experienced when sitting; and  weakness, numbness or tingling sensations in the legs. The intensity of symptoms varies, and can be treated through chiropractic techniques.

Low Back Pain Relief  through Chiropractic Treatment

Our Leawood chiropractors specialize in back pain relief. We perform spinal manipulation to restore a normal range of motion to your joints. We also assess your posture and motion to suggest simple changes to prevent future pain and injury.  Eight out of ten people experience back pain at some point, and approximately 7.7 million people seek relief from back pain through chiropractic care annually.

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